Catholic Education

“I think about my own Catholic education. I remember the environment being so special in Mrs. Bosevich’s class. She developed in me a sense of urgency to make God known and to make God loved and served.”
- Joe Desciak

“I decided that Catholic education was such an influence in my life that I wanted to make it my professional career,” said Joe Desciak, an alumnus of St. Jude School and Bishop Hoban High School, who went on to King’s College, Marywood University and Fordham University where he earned a Ph.D. in Catholic Education and now works as Dean of Freshmen at Fordham’s Lincoln campus in New York City.

“I made many wonderful memories at St. Jude’s but particularly in 6th grade with Mrs. Bosevich,” said Joe. Toni Bosevich Furcon, now retired after teaching religion and math for 28 years at St. Jude’s, recalls Joe, or Joey as she refers to him, as “one of the best -unforgettable in name and personality.”

“Faith starts at home and it’s nourished in our worship at church, but coming to St Jude’s, in particular to a classroom where Mrs. Bosevich took such care into making it a place of welcome, a place of uniform, a place of discipline, and a place of fun and joy – that was particularly impactful.”

Joe believes Catholic education “is critical to the development of our society. It links strong academics with a clear understanding of what it means to be socially minded – to be aware of folks on the margins, to be people of change. Like Mrs. Bosevich, I can influence people’s lives I hope, so that they may go out and be people of great care and love.”

“Jesus was always in the classroom with us,” said Mrs. Bosevich Furcon.