Social Services

Catholic Social Services

“I wouldn’t have a home without Catholic Social Services. My children wouldn’t have it, I wouldn’t have it, my wife wouldn’t have it.”
- David Pennay

One evening, David Pennay took a bad step and fell down the stairs at home. The next day, he felt a stab of excruciating pain, his legs went numb and he fell to the floor.

Doctors told him a blood clot from the fall put pressure on his spinal cord and damaged vertebrae. “I don’t know if I’ll ever walk again,” said David, who also has epilepsy. Unable to work, unable to pay the rent, David was evicted with his wife, Nancy, and their son, 4, and twin girls, 2. A friend found a place for them in a condemned bar.

“We were living in the pool room,” said David. “We had to cook on little burners. My wife washed dishes in the rest room sink … The bar was dark and dingy. It wasn’t a good home. I know it was hard for the kids because it was hard for me.”

Then Catholic Social Services became aware of the situation. David said, “Lori (Bowen), our case manager, really fought hard to find a place for us. It was right here in Jessup, it’s handicapped accessible – those things are almost impossible to get…I wouldn’t be here without Catholic Social Services.”

“The family felt hopeless. They didn’t feel anyone could help them,” Lori said. “David and Nancy are good parents. Now the family is very happy and their children are doing well.”