Clergy Support

“Our oldest priests are so very grateful for all that they have and all that they have done, and so much is being done for them. The Annual Appeal is a very important part of our lives and we want everyone to know how eternally grateful we are.”
- Most Reverend James C. Timlin, D.D. Bishop Emeritus

Retired Bishop James C. Timlin, who celebrated his 90th birthday on August 5, has served the Diocese for more than 65 years with more than 40 years as Bishop.

Retired bishops and priests continue to be a vital part of our Diocese. Bishop Timlin visits hospice patients each day while retired Bishop John M. Dougherty serves Christ the King Parish in Archbald. Both celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation and represent Bishop Bambera at various liturgies and events.

As our Diocesan priests have served and continue to serve us, we now serve them by providing the care and support they need as they continue to answer God’s call, from the most senior priest to the most recently ordained.

“Being a priest means everything to me,” said Bishop Timlin. “I went to the seminary right after high school and I never looked back. I look back now and thank God I was given the graces to get through to be ordained. I will be eternally grateful for that.”

“I started the Annual Appeal many years ago,” added the Bishop Emeritus. “ … I go back to the Depression days, so I know what a penny is and I know what a nickel is. I have never gotten over that. I want to say thank you to those who have been so generous and may God bless you.”

“The people of this area are the greatest people you will find anywhere. I rejoice in being able to say that,” commented Bishop Timlin.