Parish Life

“Community projects have brought us closer together as a parish. We have a lot of people who want to get more involved.”
- Terri Besecker, Director of Stewardship, St. Therese Parish

The teachings of Christ bring us together. In our parish communities, parishioners are reaching out to those in need through a variety of service programs like those conducted by the Stewardship Committee of St. Therese Parish, Shavertown.

“Stewardship is a giving of the time and talent that God has given us to benefit other people,” said Father James Paisley, pastor. “That’s what Jesus did – he took the gifts and talents God had given to Him and shared them with all of humanity. We are called to do the same.”

“We came up with the idea of Spring into Service,” said Terri Besecker, Director of Stewardship. “We gathered our parishioners on a Saturday morning, held a prayer service, and sent them all out.”

Parish members volunteered on projects at six area community organizations: Habitat for Humanity, The Meadows Nursing Home, Community for Economic Opportunity, Wyoming Valley Children’s Association, Blue Chip Animal Refuge and The Dorothy Day Catholic Worker Farm.

“The parishioners really got a lot out of it. They loved the opportunity to reach out to the community, to give back, but also to connect with their fellow parishioners and to really get to know each other and stand side by side and do good works,” said Terri.