Your Generosity Helps Support

We are pleased to share some of the ways that your gifts to the Diocesan Annual Appeal help our friends and neighbors in the eleven counties in our Diocese. Thank you for thoughtful consideration of a gift in support of the important ministries of our local Church.

Catholic Social Services and Parish Outreach – 12%

Rooted in the Gospel, the mission of Catholic Social Services  of the Diocese of Scranton is to serve individuals and families in poverty and hardship, as we are called by Christ to do, and to respond compassionately to their needs. As a Catholic agency, we advocate for individual dignity and self-sufficiency and actively give of ourselves to replace despair with hope.

This mission also extends to our parish communities where  parish and community members receive much needed support through meaningful parish-based social justice programs that are funded by Diocesan Social Justice grants made possible by the  Diocesan Annual Appeal.

This year, your Appeal gifts helped:

  • Provide grants from the Diocesan Social Justice trust fund to  33 programs in our parishes such as a food pantry at St. John  Neumann Parish, Lords Valley, and a soup kitchen at St. Luke’s  Parish, Stroudsburg
  • Area Diocesan parishes and Catholic Social Services come together to establish a new shelter in Hazleton for homeless men and women
  • Provide emergency, temporary or permanent housing assistance to 18,336 individuals and families, including many elderly and veterans
  • 20,641 area residents receive food and meals in our kitchens and food pantries
  • Resettle 170 refugee families from various countries

Catholic Education in Schools and Parishes – 17%

Your generosity helps prepare our children for fulfilling and faith-centered lives through the education and support they  receive in our 20 Catholic Schools and in all of our wonderful parish Religious Education Programs.  Last year, more than 5,000 elementary, middle and high school students benefited from the academically rigorous and spiritually enriched  programs offered in our Catholic Schools.

Nearly 16,000 children received religious education in  parish-based programs, instilling in them an intimate  knowledge of the faith and the love of God, and fostering  a desire to serve one another.

Your gifts to the Diocesan Annual Appeal helped us:

  • Retain certified and committed teachers and hire new teachers committed to the mission of our Catholic Schools
  • Provide outstanding technology and support services to meet the various needs of our students
  • Offer orientation, regional education sessions and retreats for Parish Directors of Religious Education and Youth Ministers; and offer curriculum resources for Sacramental preparation
  • Help cover the cost of maintaining all of our school buildings to provide a comfortable environment for our students, staff and faculty

Care & Education of our Clergy – 24%

Our wonderful Diocesan priests and deacons answer the  call to serve the Lord and are instrumental in identifying  the gifts of the faithful so that together we may all be actively involved in the life of our local Church.  Your donations to  the Annual Appeal encourage and support our men in the  Diocese who are in formation to become priests and deacons.

Gifts to the Appeal also provide vital support for our  retired bishops and priests, who have faithfully served, and continue to serve, our Diocese. Our past and present traditions are reflected in the care and respect we offer all of our clergy.

Items funded by the Diocesan Annual Appeal include:

  • Assistance with tuition and living expenses for our seminarians
  • Training for our deacons while they are in formation
  • Health care and long-term care for our retired bishops and priests

Parish Life and Ministry Formation – 22%

Life in our parishes is at the center of our journey of faith together as Catholics.  The Office for Parish Life assists  pastors, parish staff, and Parish Pastoral Council members  in all aspects of Liturgy and Worship; Service and Social  Concerns; and Community and Family Development. With  this assistance, parishes can best contribute to the mission  and ministry of Jesus Christ and the Church and encourage parishioners to share their personal gifts in service to God  and one another.

This year, your gifts to the Appeal supported programs such as:

  • Information sessions and parish team training for Renew  International’s “ARISE: Together in Christ” program for adult formation and parish renewal
  • Networking and training opportunities for Youth Ministry Leaders, Directors of Religious Education, Music and Liturgical Ministry Leaders, Bereavement Support Teams and Social Concerns Committees, and Parish Pastoral Councils
  • A series of daylong pilgrimages to St. Peter’s Cathedral during this Holy Year of Mercy where more than 300 faithful from parishes around the Diocese entered the Diocesan Holy Door and experienced the mercy of God

Catholic Media and Communications – 17%

Spreading the Gospel and the message of our Catholic faith is a vital part of what it means to be Catholic.  In our Diocese, the Gospel message is shared through a wide-ranging media program that offers print, online and broadcasting services throughout our eleven-county Diocese.

This past year, your gifts to the Diocesan Annual Appeal supported:

  • The publication of 18 issues of The Catholic Light, the official  newspaper of the Diocese, which is delivered to 50,000  households
  • The broadcast of daily Mass from St. Peter’s Cathedral and a number of special Mass celebrations and faith-based educational programs such as “Our Faith, Our Diocese.”   Catholic Television (CTV) reaches more than 250,000 homes,  hospitals and nursing facilities
  • The sharing of important information about events, programs and services in the Diocese on our Diocesan  website as well as videos of the daily Mass, special liturgies celebrated at St. Peter’s Cathedral and the text of Bishop Bambera’s homilies

Diocesan Annual Appeal Expenses – 8%

It is important to reach out to members of our Diocesan community to request support for the Diocesan Annual Appeal. A percentage of the Diocesan Annual Appeal is used for the financial resources needed to develop and execute Diocesan fundraising efforts.