Catholic Communications

Support of the Appeal allowed Catholic TV, the Diocesan website, and The Catholic Light to continue bringing the Word of God and important information to parishioners throughout the Diocese. Masses and special programs, including rosaries and prayer vigils, keep us connected to our faith.

Catholic Television Daily Mass

Thousands of parishioners are relying on Catholic Television during the pandemic to continue to receive the Word of God through the broadcast of daily and Sunday Masses.

Karen Magnotta of Dunmore depends on the televised daily Mass to keep her connected to her faith and to hear God’s word proclaimed.

“The daily Mass from St. Peter’s Cathedral on Catholic TV is a real blessing. It brings Our Lord into my home and it keeps me connected to our faith and our faith community.”

-Karen magnotta

She also regularly reads The Catholic Light newspaper that “keeps us up-to-date with how effective our Catholic education is for our young students and the latest news about our Bishop and the Diocese.”