Catholic Communications 2019

“I enjoy seeing the different priests giving different sermons on Catholic Television.”
-Eleanor Zagata

Catholic Television Daily Mass

The daily Mass from St. Peter’s Cathedral on CTV, the Diocesan television channel, allows homebound and nursing home residents to continue to enjoy the celebration of the Mass. Eleanor Zagata, a resident of Mulberry Towers, Scranton, said, “Catholic Television for me is great. I love having it and I enjoy seeing the different priests giving different sermons.”

Last year, 250,000 households received Catholic Television on seven area cable systems in our Diocese.

Catholic Light

The Catholic Light is the official journal of the Diocese of Scranton. The newspaper strives to present news relevant to our community of faith in both its pastoral ministry and its work of evangelization. That includes the doctrine of the Catholic Church and the teachings of our Holy Father and our Bishop. We also present national and international news concerning the Catholic faith.