Parish Life

Parish Life

“Youth Group teaches you to stand up for your faith and what you believe and what you know to be true, in your communities and in your schools, not just on Sundays but every single day. — Gina Beviglia Member, Youth Ministry, St. Catherine of Siena

Billy Walsh and Gina Beviglia are two active members of St. Catherine of Siena Youth Ministry, led by Shannon Kowalski. The Office of Parish Life assisted in launching the program at St. Catherine’s in Moscow four years ago.

“The support, guidance, and hands-on help from the Office of Parish Life enabled us to develop a vibrant youth program here,” shared Ms. Kowalski. “The students also benefit immensely from Diocesan Parish Life programs such as Up & Over, the International Student Leadership Institute (ISLI), Confirmation Retreats and everything in between.”

“A neighbor suggested I try out youth ministry,” said Billy. “This is where I was able to find God in my life and it was able to make me happier as a person…I went through ISLI last year. This year, I was a facilitator and I was able to share that happiness and those leadership qualities with younger kids.”

Explains Gina: “I was reluctant at first, but now I’m here every week. You meet all different kinds of people… You learn what your faith truly means and a big part of that is service to others.”