Clergy & Seminarian Support

Clergy & Seminarian Support

Your financial gift to the Diocesan Annual Appeal helps ensure that our seminarians are formed well and that they become holy men with a love for Jesus Christ and His Church.

Your gifts also provide care for retired priests who have dedicated their lives in service to the Church. Retired priests continue their ministry by supporting the needs of parishes throughout the Diocese, celebrating many daily and Sunday Masses.

How your funds help Clergy & Seminarian Support

Your support impacts the lives of those living throughout Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania and enables us to continue to serve the needs of others. Any contribution you are able to make to the Diocesan Annual Appeal will truly make a difference.


Retired or ill priests

were cared for from the donation support



are currently studying to be priests in the Diocese of Scranton

Harrison Rapp, Seminarian

Donations really do matter. Without support, we’re not able to be formed as priests. Ultimately, we will be serving the people of God and it’s through the people of God that we’re able to be supported in our formation.

Jeremy Barket, Seminarian

The Diocesan (Annual) Appeal helps us focus on our studies and to pray … You’re investing in us but you’re investing in your own diocese and the future of the Diocese as well.