Parish Grant Support

Parish Grant Support

Your generosity to the Diocesan Annual Appeal funnels directly back into your own community in many different ways – including directly through Social Justice Grants and Faith Formation Grants. 

Social Justice Grants address specific needs in each parish community, including food pantries, nursing programs, grief ministry, pro-life programs and caring for seniors and those with disabilities. Parish Faith Formation Grants have been established to assist parishes with new and innovative ways to ensure that catechists, parents and students develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

How your funds help Parish Grant Support

Your support impacts the lives of those living throughout Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania and enables us to continue to serve the needs of others. Any contribution you are able to make to the Diocesan Annual Appeal will truly make a difference.



were distributed directly back to local parish projects in Social Justice Grants for 32 parishes in 2022


Elementary Students

are involved in Faith Formation classes

Barbara Burkhouse, Co-Coordinator of Saint Paul Parish Food Pantry

The Diocesan Social Justice Grant of $5,000 is extremely important to us. We have been lucky enough to get it for the last couple of years and it is used for everything. Our numbers have increased significantly this year. We could see that as some of the benefits that were being given to people were cut back.

Jody Maloney, Co-Coordinator of Saint Paul Parish Food Pantry

The Diocesan Social Justice Grant is amazing. We use every penny we get our hands on. With the grant, we do a lot of meat and seafood coupons. We actually give people a $20 meat and seafood coupon once a month to go to Gerrity’s and pick out their own choices. That is really appreciated!