Catholic Education

The value of Catholic education in our Diocesan schools is witnessed by the current generation of more than 4,000 students who continue to benefit from an education that is spiritually sound and academically excellent.

Catholic education is more important now than ever as families rely on our Catholic schools to provide a quality education in challenging times. Our school administrators, staff and teachers immediately transitioned from in-person learning to distance learning when schools closed in March, and are committed to providing the best and safest learning environment for our students going forward.

St. Agnes School,

Lisa & granddaughter, Lylah Bride

The Bride family has their third generation of St. Agnes students currently attending the Towanda school. Lylah, a sixth-grade student, said her class is a year ahead of the public-school curriculum. Lisa Bride, her grandmother shared, “Our children receive a great foundation in religion and their school studies, taught together, in a seamless way from teachers who are exceptional. When the pandemic hit, our children were up and online with classes within a week.”

Notre Dame Elementary and High School, East Stroudsburg

Tim & Naomi Naughton are parents of four boys who have experienced the exceptional education offered by the educators at Notre Dame: one graduated from college, one in college, one in high school and the youngest in grade school.

Naomi stated, “I love that our sons’ peer groups and their friends value in each other what we want them to be as human beings. They drive each other to excel.” Tim added, “It’s instilled in them from kindergarten to be the best that they can possibly be. They blossomed at Notre Dame.”